UPL Niyojaniy Kendra

Sustainable, Incremental Livelihoods for underprivileged youth!

The word “Niyojaniy” means employable. UPL Pragati has adopted a two pronged strategy towards Skill Development- one to establish skill development centres through its Non Profit Organization, S R Shroff Aajivika Trust (SRSAT), at various strategic locations. Second- to offer expertise for building and developing world class organizations, focusing on the existing Government ITI institutes in Public Private Partnership mode. Since inception emphasis is given on partnership with Government to have multiplier effect to the initiative.

Skill Development Initiative (SDI)

SRSAT has set up 4 skill development centres in 3 districts of Gujarat. These centres offer short duration, typically 3-6 months, practical oriented programs aligned to MES pattern of DGET. These programs focus on building competencies and skills of trade. Upon completion of training the candidates undergo third party assessment, by NCVT and successful candidates are offered competency certificates by NCVT.

The centres and their current capacity (No. of students) is as follows:

  • Makarpura (Vadodara) – 120
  • Savli (Vadodara) – 200
  • Ankleshwar ( Bharuch) – 280
  • Halol (Panchmahal) – 200

Over the last 3 years SRSAT has trained more than 800 candidates and offered job placements to more than 475 candidates. The training also helped many candidates to move vertically in their career and some have even ventured into entrepreneurship.

Value chain of SDI


Identification and Mobilization of beneficiaries








Handholding with candidate
Mobilization of candidates
involves meeting communities, group of youths in villages to create awareness about livelihood opportunities in industry. It also entails inspiring youth to take up these skills. In projects with Government partnerships, the candidate selection depends on the stringent selection criterion prescribed by the government.
is all about transfer of knowledge, be it practical or theoretical, from Ace Skill men to these youth. All the trainers associated with SRSAT are champions of the respective trade, with years of experience.
Assessment of candidates
is carried out on MES (Modular Employable Skills) guidelines stipulated by DGET (Directorate General of Employment and Training). The assessment mainly consists of competency evaluation. It consists of written and practical test. Based on the performance, candidates are awarded competency certificates by NCVT (National Council on Vocational Training).
is the most critical of stage of value chain. The Placement team is assigned the task of searching for job opportunities in respective trade and geographies. The team arranges campus and factory interviews. Candidates are mapped to the companies for jobs at entry level. Handholding is the phase wherein placement team and project associates keep co-coordinating with candidates to ensure they remain in employment. Challenges of candidates at their workplace are addressed.

ITI Partnership in PPP (Public Private Partnership) mode:

UPL Pragati has partnered with ITI Surat (Women) and ITI Amod in Chemical Sector of Bharuch district. The objective is to share our technical knowhow and capabilities with these institutes and help them become world class organizations. With this intervention, we introduced new trades in the institutes, provided technological innovations such as simulators to create better impact of training. Transformational changes would be implemented in ITI institutes through calibrated interventions, in various aspects of operations.