UPL Udyamita

“Udyamita” means entrepreneurship

The project has been rightly named as it aims to benefit the rural women through formation and strengthening of Self Help Groups and by promoting entrepreneurship through these groups. This project has been started in partnership with Utkarsh Mahila Association, an NGO working actively in Valsad District. Through Udyamita, we have been relentlessly working towards women empowerment through self help groups, vocational trainings, enterprise building and more. We are currently focussing in the following areas:

  • Umergam and Pardi Taluka (District –Valsad)
  • Ankleshwar and Jhagadia Taluka (District- Bharuch)

Goal: Social and Economic empowerment of women through income generation and financial independence.

Our Approach

Given the diverse nature in terms of both geographical location and sectorial composition, the project aims at addressing the needs of local people, through well-defined clusters and geographical areas. This will enable achieving the economies of scale in terms of deployment of resources as well as focusing on the specific needs of local community. The capacity building of SHG, setting up of specific cluster etc, which are integral part of the program enable us to leverage resources and have better access to government funding.

The program consists of the following components:

Soft activities under the programme consist of activities which lead to rapport building and through creation of general awareness, counseling, motivation, trust building, exposure visits, workshops and training programmes.

Community Institution Building in the form of Self Help Groups which not only function as a micro-finance institution for providing financial capital based on the social capital of the group, but rather to function as a strategic development organization for the community.

Cluster development and Sustainable Augmentation of Clusters- The economically weaker sections of the society lack access to bank finance, negotiation skills with inputs providers and market, and economies of scale to take full advantage of the livelihood activities pursued by them. This can only be achieved by formation of cluster at various levels so as to develop different clusters of different activities undertaken in this project. After demonstrating their capabilities, these clusters then leverage their performance and raise, through their representative community institutions, substantial resources from commercial banks and other financial institutions.

Establishing Market linkages - There is, broadly speaking, three ways in which clusters are connected to the markets.

  • Community does on its own
  • Project team does it for them
  • They are linked to company / industry / retailer.