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S. R. Shroff Aajivika Trust (SRSAT) is public trust promoted by UPL Limited (formerly known as United Phosphorus Limited) to create sustainable livelihood in community. UPL Limited is global generic crop protection, chemicals and Seeds Company. UPL Limited has been donning the mantle of the socially responsible corporate even before the term had become a predominant norm. The history of UPL’s Corporate Social Responsibility stretches as far back as 1969 with the inception of its manufacturing operations at Vapi, Gujarat.


SRSAT has its Registered Office at 3/11. GIDC, VAPI 396195, Dist Valsad. Gujarat. The SRSAT trust no is E-2718-Valsad and trust registration date is 24.03.2014. The 12AA no. of SRSAT is 841/20/2014-15. SRSAT is exempted U/S 80G of the Income tax Act with effect from 01.05.2014. Sr.No. 152/70/2014-15, Letter No CIT/VLS/Tech./80-G Certi./SSAT/2014-15 Dated 29.10.2014.

The population growth in India is set to make us world’s most populous country by 2025. On one side huge population will require huge livelihood opportunity, on another side parallel expansion of India’s high-growth industries requires a skilled workforce resulting in a fundamental imbalance. In said scenario sustainable livelihood creation holds the key in our ability to activate the vast population for inclusive growth and to create sustainable livelihood. At SRSAT we are well aware of present & future population challenges and believe in helping individuals live a life of dignity. To achieve this, our programmes will focus on generating sustainable livelihoods. The Strategy envisaged for operationalizing the sustainable livelihood will have four pillars.



(Skill Upgradation)

UPL Udyamita

(Livelihood financing & Entrepreneurship)

UPL KhedutPragati

(Agriculture development)

UPL Vasudha

(Nature conservation)